The Philosophy

JAK Atelier is the creative wheelhouse founded by artist and designer Joseph Aaron Klinsky. Spanning multiple mediums, disciplines and scales JAK Atelier is a hub for architectural, interior, furniture, product and lighting design. Rooted in a love of natural materials, appreciation of fine craftsmanship and a desire to integrate art into the everyday, JAK Atelier's work is outstanding in its integration of heirloom quality and functional beauty.

The strength of this aesthetic vision is apparent in the fact that JAK Atelier’s pieces form a coherent language despite pulling from diverse genres. From his bronze and shou sugi ban Creature Tables to his plaster Bell Pendants to the timber-frame Studio Barn, Aaron’s work merges old world craftsmanship with honesty towards the materials themselves. 



111 Rhode Island St. #1
San Francisco, CA 94103
T/ 415 241 9300

30 Hazelton Avenue Yorkdale
Toronto Ontario, M5R 2E2

The Founder

JAK Atelier’s aesthetic emerges from Aaron’s drive to be true to materials combined with mastery of diverse traditions and techniques. Working in ceramics, wood, bronze, stone, paper, encaustic, plaster, steel, fabric, and leather, he chooses his materials because of their elemental nature and works to enhance the inherent beauty in each of them.


Born into a vibrant community of artists, designers, potters, and inventors in rural Ontario, Aaron began designing and building at a very young age. Motivated by his desire to develop expertise in a range of mediums and skills he spent over a decade in New York and London in the design-build industry. In 2015 he established JAK Atelier which operates between New York and his Blue Mountain studio.